About Us

Tree Service & Removal Company In Pittsburg, Texas

Eastex Tree is the most established tree service company operating in Pittsburg, Texas. We have been in the industry for years and have developed a reputation throughout the area as one of the best companies in the local industry. We hire the best people in the business, capable of doing various services such as stump grinding and land clearing, so that our clients get the most out of their investment.


More About Eastex Tree

Just like you, our tree service company is composed of family men and women who also understand the importance of property maintenance and improvement. We know that there are times when land clearing is a necessary measure for the development of one’s property. Sometimes, a seemingly simple stump grinding service can mean the difference between a smooth flowing project and a delayed land development. Our professionals will provide the services that you need in the fastest and most effective way possible, making sure that your project moves forward according to plan without any delays.

Don't think that we’re limiting ourselves to providing major development services alone. Here at Eastex tree, our tree service company is well-known for providing the best and most reliable tree cutting offers in the city of Pittsburg. We provide tree trimming, removal, and even pruning solutions to ensure that your property retains an aesthetically-pleasing appearance, free from dead or obstructive branches that could pose a problem for you or your family in the long run.


Why Choose Us

There may be a lot of tree service companies around Pittsburg, but with Eastex Tree, you can rest assured that our tree solutions are geared towards making your property look cleaner without the need to pay for expensive services.

In addition, we take pride in providing affordable and quality services to our clients. And since we understand the importance of communication, we make sure to update you as well as to get your feedback so that we can further improve our services.


Get in Touch with Our Tree Service Company

We believe in the fact that our clients deserve so much more than what they are paying for. When you partner with our tree service company, you are guaranteed top results all the time. From stump grinding to land clearing, we have the solutions you need to get your Pittsburg property to where it needs to be.

Give us a call today at 903-790-1762 so we can discuss your project with us in detail. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at eastex5869@icloud.com. We are more than willing to cater to any and all of your tree service related needs.